Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Natsume Hyūga

Natsume Hyūga is the top student of the Elementary Division. He is feared and hated by a lot of students, even saying that he is a murderer. He first arrived at the Academy at the age of 8, along with his childhood friend, Ruka. However, his past remains veiled in the anime.

In the manga, through Ruka's narration, however, his sister, Aoi, who had the same fire Alice, caused the fire that burned the entire village, but he took the blame for her. His father got injured in this incident, but not seriously. After the incident that happened in the Hana Princess Arc, Natsume managed to save Aoi, but came out with a badly injured Mikan. With the help of his friends, Aoi was sent back to their father.

He is a genius (because of his Alice), but he ditches class frequently throughout the story. He is thoroughly unhappy with the school, and is suspicious of the intentions of adults. It seems that he is involved in top secret missions for the Academy. He is paired up as Mikan's "partner" by the their mostly-absent class teacher, Narumi. However, Natsume is later forced to partner with Luna.

Throughout the story, he constantly suffers from conscience pangs, and seems to be in a dilemma, concerning the danger he puts people close to him in. Persona seems to threaten to harm his friends, and his sister. But later on, she left the Academy together with her father, who is kept captive by the man, if he neglects his duty of using his Alice for the Academy's business or political purposes.

According to Ruka, before Mikan entered the Academy, Natsume never smiled before, but after her arrival, Natsume became more open to everyone and started to smile more.

In the beginning, all of students in Class B listened and followed Natsume's orders. However, now that students have realized what Luna has done and that Natsume is grouped with her, they listen and admire Mikan and no longer seem to like Natsume as much

Saturday, August 11, 2007

NYC responds to ‘unverified radiological threat’

MSNBC News Services
Updated: 8:53 p.m. PT Aug 10, 2007
NEW YORK - New York city police increased security throughout Manhattan Friday and at bridges and tunnels in response to what they called an "unverified radiological threat."

But they said the city's alert status for an attack was unchanged at "orange."

The New York Police Department said in a statement it had increased the deployment of radiological sensors on vehicles, boats and helicopters and had set up vehicle checkpoints in lower Manhattan and at bridges and tunnels.